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Enter a Genotype List (GL) String of IPD-IMGT/HLA alleles in the text box, select the subject's race/ethnic category, and click on "Convert" to map the alleles to their most probable UNOS antigens and their Bw4 or Bw6 epitopes. Alleles entered should be resolved to specific HLA protein field (Two-field) or fully resolved (full IPD-IMGT/HLA allele name). Protein expression specifying characters ("L", "N", "S", "Q") can be used. Characters that specify antigen recognition domain equivalents (“G”, “P”, “g") can also be used. Population-specific HLA frequencies from NMDP are used to assign the most probable UNOS antigen equivalents given the ambiguous HLA typing. HLA loci supported are A, B, C, DRB1, DQB1, DRB3/4/5.

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Kaur N, Kransdorf EP, Pando MJ, Maiers M, Ray B, Lee J-H, Lalli P, Murphey CL, Bray RA, Gragert L. Mapping molecular HLA typing data to UNOS equivalents. Human Immunology. 2018: