VICTOR: VIrtual CrossmaTch for mOleculaR typing data

Donor HLA Typing as Unambiguous High Resolution HLA Alleles

Enter Donor's HLA typing data as a list of HLA alleles. Alleles entered should be resolved to specific HLA protein field (2nd field) or fully resolved (full IMGT/HLA allele name). Protein expression specifying characters ("L", "N", "S", "Q") can be used. Characters that specify antigen recognition domain equivalents (“G”, “P”, “g") can also be used. HLA loci supported are A, B, C, DRB1, DQA1, DQB1, DRB3/4/5. Enter Candidate's Unacceptable Antigens in the second text area and click on "SUBMIT" to run Virtual Cross Match.

Donor's HLA Typing as Alleles

Candidate's Unacceptable Antigens

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