VICTOR: VIrtual CrossmaTch for mOleculaR typing data

Donor HLA Typing as NMDP Multiple Allele Codes

Enter Donor's HLA typing data as NMDP Multiple Allele Codes (MAC) in the text box, select the subject's race/ethnic category, and add Candidate's Unacceptable Antigens in the second text area and click on "SUBMIT" to run virtual cross match. The allele codes should be entered consecutively in pairs for each locus. For homozygous, enter the same allele code twice. For example, for locus A, allele codes should be entered as A*02:AJEXK A*24:AJFBM or A*02:AJEXK A*02:AJEXK. Unacceptable antigens for C locus should have a preceding zero (For example C07), if they range from 1 through 9 (C01 through C09). Population-specific HLA frequencies from NMDP are used to assign the most probable UNOS antigen equivalents for donor HLA typing. HLA loci supported are A, B, C, DRB1, DQB1, DRB3/4/5.

Select Broad/Detailed Race

Candidate's Unacceptable Antigens

Probability Threshold

In case of donor's ambiguous HLA typing there is a probability of positive virtual crossmatch for every unacceptable antigen. Users can indicate the probability threshold of their choice in the text area below. Default value is 0.1 and range is 0 through 1. For a value "X" entered by the user all the unacceptable antigens that have probability of positive virtual crossmatch lower than "X" will be excluded by VICTOR

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